13 Ways To Style Your Food For Summer

Chocolate shoes and egg hats! Here’s how to take your food from dinner plate to fashion plate. Brought to you by The Cheesecake Factory.

1. Breakfast in bed? Try breakfast on your head!

Andreas Gradin / Via shutterstock.com

Or, wait: Breakfast? More like breaklace! No, hold on: How does this hat look? Eggcellent.

Crushed it.

2. …And don’t forget the coffee!

photo-nuke / Via shutterstock.com

This dress can be part of your wardrobe and part of a balanced breakfast.

3. Feeling hot? Cool down by decorating your body with raw fish.

Andreas Gradin / Via shutterstock.com

Perfume built in!

4. Rice cakes are gross, so make them a hat!

Not that the hat is better, but at least you don’t have to eat it.

5. Thirsty? Have a drink. Then turn the cellulose byproduct of your fermented grapes into a dress.

Ray Scott / Via rexusa.com

One teeny tiny bummer? The dress needs to be kept chilled and moist at all times. But then again, you’ve always wanted to be cool and slick.

6. Bad hair day? Throw on a spaghetti hat.

SvetlanaFedoseyeva / Via shutterstock.com

You don’t HAVE to paint your skin to match, but why do things halfway?

7. Nothing says “cute” like a dress made of fruit!

Art_man / Via shutterstock.com

It’s both stylish and full of vitamin C. Take that, polyester.

8. Need a treat for your feet? White chocolate shoes.

You’re going to have to stay in air conditioning and lower your body temperature a few dozen degrees, but isn’t fashion worth it?

9. This chocolate suit, hat, and necklace would complete the outfit.

Erik Pendzich / Via rexusa.com

Snack Time at Tiffany’s, amirite?

10. Meringue sundress? More like meringue FUNdress!

AFP / Getty Images

So sweet!

11. Go old school with some 80s-inspired shoulder pads.

mast3r / Via shutterstock.com

You look grape.

12. Can’t leave home without makeup!

Natalia Semenchenko / Via shutterstock.com

Who knew sprinkles worked on lips AND cheeks?

13. When all else fails, the celebrity meat dress is a classic summer style.

Jewel Samad / Via gettyimages.com

This outfit just isn’t as pungent in the winter.

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