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You blew it, guys.

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1. When no one could ever look as good, nor be as adorable as Brooke Burns.

Look at those moves!

2. The time Rene admitted that he wanted to be a Jedi Knight.

The force was not with him.

3. When this little man tried to call The Beast an underdog.

Shame on you!

4. When this lady thought she had a chance.

Prayers won't save you from The Beast.

5. The time Stephen got a question about John Muir wrong even though he teaches at a school named after him.

Really, Stephen?

6. The generous moment when The Beast offered someone 100 “fousand” dollars and they moaned about it.

Bloody hell.

7. The time this girl celebrated too early.

Is that a lollipop?

8. When The Beast got 5 questions right in 20 seconds and won the Final Chase.

But really...were you surprised?

9. And when Eric was openly distraught about it.

Pokerface. Pokerface. Pokerface.

10. When The Beast continued to win again...and again...and again.

It hurts every time.

11. In conclusion…You don’t want to meet The Beast.

He can smell fear.

We feel you, Eric. #VirtualHug

Better luck next time!