15 Signs You’re Addicted To Trivia

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1. You know that pub quiz victory hinges on having an awesome name.

eenwall / Via Flickr: 47512719@N00

2. The missing apostrophe is only the second most frustrating thing about this sign.

Bart Everson / Via Flickr: editor

And for you, that’s saying a lot.

3. You’ve got a trivia sweet-spot.

Jeremy Keith / Via Flickr: adactio

What up, “Spot the Link”?

4. And categories you dread.

AIGA New York Chapter / Via Flickr: aigany


5. You’ve “fixed” some trivia cards.

Smabs Sputzer / Via Flickr: 10413717@N08

The original question was, “What is the name for a person who makes hats?” Debate in the comments.

6. You know the hourly rate of a winning trivia night doesn’t crack minimum wage.

Randy Wick / Via Flickr: cantchangerandy

$25, yeah boi!

7. That’s if winnings aren’t doled out in free beer and bar tabs.

Aaron Gustafson / Via Flickr: aarongustafson

8. Or a single scoop of ice cream. One. One scoop.

Janet McKnight / Via Flickr: janetmck

That question is bonkers.

9. You know bragging rights are better than any prize.

Taber Andrew Bain / Via Flickr: andrewbain

10. You know that the Cash Cab casts all its participants, but you still love it.

Anthony Easton / Via Flickr: pinkmoose

You also dream of hailing that magic taxi.

11. You’ve considered joining (or have joined!) the QNA, WQC, EQC, or TCONA.

Any part of the IQA, really.

12. You count days of the week by which bar’s trivia night it is.

Timothy Krause / Via Flickr: 33498942@N04

Sunday? Oh, you mean Pacific Standard Night.
Wednesday? Oh, you mean Professor Thom’s Night.

13. You *almost* feel bad when asked to go up against rank amateurs.

Cisco Australia-NewZealand / Via Flickr: ciscoanz

Company-wide trivia night = your personal playground.

14. You deplore the use of cell phones while rounds are active.

vickehsmith / Via instagram.com


15. You know to fear this man.

All hail The Beast.

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