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    How 10 Junior-Level Employees Spend Their Workdays

    Ever wonder what your life would be like if you'd chosen another career path? Here's what 10 junior-level employees do all day at work.

    1. Non-Profit Marketing Executive

    Patrick Perkins / Via

    From interviewing clients for marketing materials to working with designers on direct mail campaigns, check it out here.

    2. Analyst at an Investment Bank

    Luis Llerena / Via

    Analyzing risk for clients, attending team meetings, and drafting memos for senior leadership. Check it out here.

    3. High School Teacher / Via

    Long days teaching class and helping students with interpersonal issues. Read it here.

    4. Digital Journalist

    Jonathan Simcoe / Via

    Writing, editing, and watching your work get tweeted by a celebrity. Read about it here.

    5. Research Scientist

    Hans Reniers / Via

    Running experiments and analyzing data; read more here.

    6. Associate Attorney at a Big Law Firm

    Sebastian Pichler / Via

    Researching case law and writing briefs for court. Read all about it here.

    7. Human Resources Coordinator

    J. Kelly Brito / Via

    Handling new employee orientation, payroll, and other tasks to keep the company running smoothly. Check it out here.

    8. Registered Nurse

    rawpixel / Via

    Making rounds, making notes, and making a difference for your patients. Check it out here.

    9. Social Media Coordinator

    rawpixel / Via

    Posting, blogging, tweeting - it's all in a day's work. Check it out here.

    10. Web Developer

    Thomas Lefebvre / Via

    Programming code between team meetings. Check it out here.