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10 Women You Don't Want To Mess With

Don't you even dare try pulling a fast one on these gals. You'll regret it sooner or later. And for another badass lady who's ready for revenge, watch Halle Berry in The Call. In theaters now.

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The Bride in the "Kill Bill" Series


Why She's Badass:

* She got a bullet to the head and survived.

* She can wield a katana like nobody's business.

* She's not going to stop until she kills Bill.

Thelma and Louise from "Thelma & Louise"


Why They're Badass:

* Dropped everything in their lives to hit the road and be free.

* They know how to use a gun, so back off!

* Not even the police can stop them.

Carrie in "Carrie"


Why She's Badass:

* Her telekinesis powers are out of control.

* Doesn't put up with the mean girls.

* Ends prom night with a bang! And pigs blood.

Lisbeth Salander in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"


Why She's Badass:

* Revenge is her middle name, and don't you forget.

* She's a hacker who can ride a motorcycle.

* She doesn't need saving. She IS the savior.

Slim Hiller from "Enough"

Why She's Badass:

* Slim knows when enough is enough.

* She learned to fight to save herself and her daughter.

* And she said herself, "Self defense is not murder."

Cataleya in Colombiana


Why She's Badass:

* Saw her parents get murdered, so decided to get revenge.

* She's one stone-cold assassin.

* See that two-handed gun action?

Hayley Stark in "Hard Candy"


Why She's Badass:

* She may be young, but she's a smart cookie.

* Don't expect mercy from her.

* Her psychological games are terrifying.

Foxy Brown in "Foxy Brown"


Why She's Badass:

* She's a powerful women with a lot of sass.

* When her boyfriend got murdered, she got even.

* Look at her pull a gun out of her afro. HER AFRO!

Inspired by Jordan Turner from "The Call"

Why She's Badass:

* By day, she saves lives as a 911 operator.

* By night, she hunts down serial killers.

* She admits her mistakes, and rights her wrongs.

Watch Halle Berry in "The Call." In theaters now.

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