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Bipolar Disorder As Told By 'Silver Linings Playbook' GIFs

Because mood disorders are more complicated than most people think... #ProudlyBipolar

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1. When someone says you NEED therapy, "no offense".

Um... THANKS. I've seen therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists... I've done, seen and tried it all. But, thank you for that suggestion.

2. There is more to a person than their mental illness.

Yes, there are mood episodes and phases, but there is so much more to a person than their bipolar disorder.

3. Not everything is due to bipolar disorder.

I can be emotional. I can be angry. I can be sad. I can be happy. Not all of it is due to a mood disorder. Don't brush it off as if it's all just my illness.

4. It's not healthy to compare yourself to others.

Even if there are people worse than you, that doesn't mean that your struggle with bipolar disorder is not real or doesn't matter. Everyone's battle matters.

5. Bipolar disorder has it's downs, but also has its perks, if you look hard enough.

I'd take a lil hypomanic energy boost any day of the week.

6. Don't ask about meds.

It's exhausting to name all of the meds and combos of meds I have tried over the years, from antidepressants to anxiety meds to sleeping pills to mood stabilizers to anti-psychotics. Don't ask. Also, that is private health information, so, mind your own.

7. Dealing with bipolar disorder means learning how to forgive.

You will make mistakes and others will too. You have to learn to forgive others for not understanding your: depression, mania, obsessive tendencies, suicidal ideation, self harm or anxiety. You will have to forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself when things go wrong due to your condition. No one is perfect, so don't try to be...

8. Sometimes, you need a 'mental health day'. It's okay.

Make self care a priority. Your mental health MATTERS. Don't be ashamed to take a day to yourself to recover.

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