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100 Things That Literally Give Me Clinical Levels Of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are no joke...

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1. Driving... too many idiots on the road...

2. Parallel Parking

3. Parking at a crowded mall at Christmas time

4. Driving when it's snowy/rainy/hail/dark... BASICALLY DRIVING.

5. Going to work

6. The possibility that I could be late for class

7. Walking into a room like a classroom

8. Asking for help at a store

9. Going to the doctor, especially if I need my blood drawn

10. Dancing onstage

11. Speeches... even those in front of like 3 people...

12. Registering for college classes

13. Turning in essays and projects


15. When I have anxiety about my procrastination, which leads to more procrastination because I am distracted by my anxiety itself...

16. Psychiatrists


18. Using my credit card and hoping it doesn't say 'insufficient funds'...

19. Any sleep loss...

20. ...or sleeping in too late/too much

21. My alarm clock... the fact that I may not hear it in the morning...

22. Talking to professors

23. Running in public- are people going to watch me? Judge me?

24. Sweating... then sweating more because you have anxiety about your sweat being visible/smelly, etc. Vicious cycle.

25. Dorm showers

26. Public bathrooms, especially bar ones... gross.

27. Ordering at Starbucks

28. Yellow traffic lights

29. 5 o'clock traffic on a Friday

30. Talking to my boss or co-workers

31. Tinder & Bumble convos

32. Telling people I have clinical mania or depression or anxiety...

33. Posting a selfie and wondering if it's good enough

34. Syllabi

35. Seeing an uphill path while on a bike

36. Stopping at a red light that is on a hill... with a car right behind you... and certain that you will slide back and hit that car...

37. Writing Facebook statuses

38. Being vocal about my mental illnesses on social media

39. Playing the violin

40. Pointe shoes

41. Having to have to ask for a dressing room

42. Trying on bikinis

43. Trying on bras

44. Being in expensive stores

45. Alcohol

46. Gym equipment

47. Going to a zumba class by myself

48. Writing formal emails

49. Cover letters

50. Job hunting in general

51. The thought of applying to grad schools and not getting in...

52. The idea that I'm not good enough

53. Talking to brilliant people

54. Talking to not so smart people

55. Office hours at college

56. The idea that I'm just wasting time

57. Shaving with a new razor

58. Eyebrow waxing

59. Haircuts with a new stylist

60. Going to someone's place for the first time

61. Meeting someone's parents

62. Meeting the boyfriend's parents

63. That spider that you saw and now have no idea were it went...

64. Knots in my hair

65. Being in a bathing suit in public

66. Constructive criticism

67. Spanish class

68. Organic chemistry graded homework

69. Sex

70. Picture Days- am I smiling too hard??

71. Chipped nails

72. Singing in front of others for the first time

73. Award ceremonies

74. Sharing my photography, drawings or art online

75. Any symptoms + looking them up on WebMD

76. Fires

77. Big prescription pills that I can barely swallow

78. Cigarette smoke

79. Any sign of illegal drugs, like the smell of weed

80. Parties

81. People binge drinking

82. Colds

83. Late buses

84. Relying on another person to be on time


86. The sound of a gun pop/fireworks/some random shit in the middle of the night

87. Walking alone at night

88. Low cut shirts

89. Short dresses

90. Poker and trying to remember the rules/how to play

91. Checking my bank account

92. Pumping gas

93. New car noises...

94. When others comment on my looks

95. Having uneven eyeliner on

96. Smearing my lipstick

97. REALLY HOT beverages

98. Moving days

99. Packing

100. Making this list!

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