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Daily Quickie: Is Snapchat worth advertising on?

There are so many platforms in this day and age, so many ways to reach customers for your services or products. A platform most ignore, surprisingly enough, is Snapchat. Why is that? Snapchat is the hipster among hipsters when it comes to businesses. Although Snapchat has over 100 MILLION daily users (according to SC's advertising page), so many seem to swerve around such a 'happening' network. This is not because the numbers aren't there, or because there is not enough traffic; it's because the weariness people have in spending money they can't confirm they'll get in return. Let's take a moment to think of something. Would you pay for word of mouth advertising if a possible way of earning income? Think of Snapchat being just this. It's a credible source for word of mouth, and a good one at that. A simple way to start before getting to levels such as Buzzfeed, Comedy Central, etc. (As this probably will surpass your yearly cap immediately); order a Snapchat Filter. Get yourself set up with a tech, firm, or DIY method of creating and setting up a filter for the next event you're holding. This is a quick and easy start to the Snapchat world and if done well, it can be a very rewarding one. Do your research and explore the options our technology ran world has to offer. You'll be very surprised. That's all we have time for on this "Daily Quickie" with TheBuzzMaker.

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