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12 People Who Are Clearly The Stars Of Their Friend Groups

Because every picture can be a selfie if you believe in yourself. Learn from the ultimate star, Hope Annabelle Greggory, in The Bronze, now playing in theaters.

1. Tyler may not be from the same solar system as them, but he's clearly the star of his friend group.

They're still not sure if he comes in peace.

2. Eileen makes it very obvious who the star in her relationship is.

3. Cory's teachers always said, "You'll never amount to anything."

"Always horsing around with your friends."

"You neigh-ver take life seriously."

Well, look at Cory now, teachers. Cory's a goddamn rock star.

4. When taking pictures, Kristin always demands star treatment.

Star pro tip from Kristin: If your super lame, non-star friends won't hold you, find a nearby prop that will.

5. To be the star of your friend group, you must wear many faces, like young Miles here.

6. "It's cold. It's wet. It's time to go home," Allison's friends complained. "No, it's my time to shine," Allison replied.

7. Even when she's not ready, Sandra's ready.

8. Every friend group star has their signature pose. This is Kevin's:

Clothed or not, Kevin lets his right arm soar through the sky like a shooting star.

9. "Wouldn't be a pic of the squad without Claire up front woo-ing!" —Claire's friends

10. Brandon never misses an opportunity to show off his star a-peel.

11. Casey understands that true stars are patient. They're willing to wait for their moment.

"Casey, not again." —Casey's friends

"Wait, Casey, nooooooo!" —Casey's friends

But Casey also knows that sometimes you just have to make your own moment.

Casey, you blue-tongued diva, never stop being a star.

12. And Clark...well, Clark is just a star fish.

What about you? Are you the star of your friend group? Doesn't matter, the ultimate star of the human group is Hope Annabelle Greggory. See her in The Bronze, now playing in theaters!

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