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I Watched The Premiere Of "The Bradshaw Bunch" And TBH Terry Bradshaw Is Peak Dad

#GirlDad Alert! Catch new episodes of The Bradshaw Bunch Thursdays 9/8c on E!

You've probably heard of four-time Super Bowl champ and award-winning football commentator Terry Bradshaw.

Terry and his wife, Tammy, have a relationship that will totally remind you of your parents.

Just like your dad, Terry spends most of his time trying to impress people with his old sports stories...

...and trying to be the ultimate #GirlDad to his three daughters.

He does everything a good dad is supposed to do. He talks trash about his daughters' exes...

He gets way too involved in their personal lives...

...he catches them in lies...

...And y'know how your dad is always coming up with "genius" ideas? Yeah, Terry comes up with those, too.

And as for the fam? Well, they see him the same way you see your dad:

Images courtesy of E!

Catch up with Terry and the entire Bradshaw family with new episodes of The Bradshaw Bunch, Thursdays 9/8c on E!

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