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These Hilarious Dad Fails Are Too Pure

"He did my homework for me, but I had to re-do it because he got all the answers wrong."

When it comes to epic dad fails, nobody is quite as epic as Terry Bradshaw.

But these these dads are giving Terry a run for his money. Check out these hilarious dad fails, and share your own in the comments below!


"I was really into gymnastics when I was younger. It was the week before a big regional competition. I was going to gymnastics non-stop that whole week. My mom was getting on me about going to gymnastics instead of doing my math homework, but there was nothing I could do! So my dad pulled me aside and said he'd do my math homework for me, but we had to keep it a secret. When I got home later he had actually done it! But then I had to re-do it because he got most of the answers wrong." —Katie T.

Indecent Prom-posal

"My friend asked me to prom by tying balloons to my car that spelled out 'PROM.' I got a call from him telling me to look at my car. So I looked out the window, but my car was just parked in the driveway like normal. Turns out my dad had decided to wash my car that morning. He saw the balloons but 'didn't get it,' so he just popped them and threw them in the trash. Pro: free car wash! Con: my prom-posal was completely ruined." —Emily M.

The Dad Cut

"This happened when I was in elementary school. My mom went out of town and my dad had to get me ready for school picture day. The night before, he decides he's gonna "touch up" my haircut a little bit. He ended up giving me a full-on bowl cut. It was terrible and crooked. I could've given myself a better haircut. In first grade. My mom was furious, but she still ordered the pictures, so now on their living room there's a photo of little me with the worst haircut in the history of hair." —Thomas D.

Magic Pizza

"My mom was out of town for my ninth birthday, so my dad had to make all the birthday party arrangements (which was usually a thing my mom did). He invited all my friends over and ordered a bunch of pizzas and put them in the oven to stay warm while he put on...a magic show! He had spent the last few weeks learning some magic tricks to perform at my party. During his magic show, it started getting really smokey in the house. We all thought it was part of the magic show, but it was actually the pizza boxes in the oven catching on fire. Afterward, he made me promise not to tell my mom that he almost burned the house down. It was a great party!" —Chelsea P.

The Bald And The Beautiful

"My dad has been bald since forever. He was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and had to undergo chemo treatments. I was sitting with him as the doctor explained the chemo process, and he mentioned that all my dad's hair would fall out. My dad very calmly replied, 'When it comes to my hair, I've got nothing to lose.' He beat the cancer, and he never lost his positivity and humor. I'm so proud of him for that." —Christina V.

What The Tuck?!

"At home, my dad always tucks his shirt in by pulling his pants down to just above the knee, then tucking, then buttoning up again. This is just something we're all accustomed to in my house. One time my aunt and uncle came over and we were getting ready to go somewhere, and my dad, not realizing that my aunt was standing right next to him, drops his pants to tuck in his shirt. Nobody reacted to this because that's just what he does, except my aunt who (from her perspective) was just standing next to her brother-in-law when he randomly dropped his pants! So she just says, "Hello, I'm standing right here!", and my dad immediately realizes that he just screwed up. But rather than just abandoning the tuck and pulling his pants up, he chose to kinda hop-run into the other room with his pants still around his knees. We all just about died laughing." —Jessi M.

Crabby Daddy

"My family does a crab boil for special occasions like graduations, birthdays, holidays, etc. My mom goes to the store to get supplies and brings home the crabs for my dad to cook. Every single time, he tells the same joke: "My wife gave me crabs." He says it to everyone who enters the room. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. He even just says it to himself sometimes while he's cooking. He thinks it's the funniest joke ever." —Daniel C.

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