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15 Dogs Who Are Smarter Than Your Baby

Oh, your baby made some cooing sounds? That's cute!

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1. This dog who can catch a ball.

The only thing your baby can catch is a friggin' cold.

2. This cool pool-shark dog. / Via

Your baby probably doesn't even know how to play 8 Ball.

3. This dog who knows how to putt.

Sure, he missed, but while we're being honest, your baby wears a diaper and this dog doesn't.

4. This dog who can slam dunk.

Your baby is still working on her layup game.

5. This dog who not only remembers to close the door, but goes back to make sure it's fully closed.

Your baby couldn't even close his mouth if you asked him nicely.

6. This dog who can catch fish with his mouth.

As far as your baby knows, fish don't even exist.

7. This dog who not only knows how to turn on the water, but respects himself enough to take a little shower.

Your baby respects nothing.

8. Okay, this is unsettling, but anyway it's a pit bull that can climb a ladder.

Your little one probably thinks those plastic car keys can actually start some sort of giant plastic car.

9. This dog who can KICKFLIP. / Via

Your baby can't even skate. How embarrassing!

10. This labrador who knows how to ring the bell to come back inside. / Via

Your baby thinks you disappear when you cover her eyes.

11. This enterprising young mutt who figured out how to open the fridge.

Your baby is still figuring out how to use her thumbs.



13. This diving dog

(See above.)

14. This crazy genius dog who seems to understand physics.

Your baby is still struggling to understand even the most basic of English.

15. This genius dog who can balance pancakes on a plate on his head.

Courtesy of Greg Baskwell / Via Instagram: @

Your baby can keep her balance about as good as a drunk during an earthquake.

These dogs may be super smart and incredibly cute, but they're the enemy of babies everywhere. Now ask yourself: Who's more deserving of your love? See The Boss Baby March 31.

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