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History Of Makeup

Hey beautiful people! Posting a blog on weekday. I was too excited to write this blog about Makeup! Keep reading.

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Makeup dates back to 12,000 years ago by ancient Egypt. Archaeologists have also found few traces of makeup in the Egyptian tomb of Karnak. Cosmetics has a diffrent history in every part of the world like Mongolian women used to paint their cheek with red pigment , and Chinese's were already painting their nails! with egg white, gum arabic(ascia gum) & gelatin. In the middle east women used Koahl(a black powder) to apply on their eyes. Japan, geisha wore lipstick crushed safflower petals to paint their eyebrows, edges of eyes and lips as well. (I don't know about European cosmetics history so pls comment ) Americans and australians used to paint their face.

Probably ,one on the old cosmetics brand.

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