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13 Types Of Siblings And What To Gift Them These Holidays

Every sibling deserves a gift to match their unique sibling personality.

1. The sweet sibling who makes you laugh like nobody else can.

2. The sibling who likes to sleep in, causing you to be late for everything.

3. The cooler younger sib.

4. The one you fight with all the time.

5. The super-popular sibling.

6. The sibling who has always taken care of you.

7. The dedicated vegan.

8. The older sibling who can sometimes be kind of condescending.

9. The one who always asks to borrow money.

10. The sibling who is always travelling.

11. The sibling who never, ever gets around to buying you a present.

12. The sibling who has been your best friend from the beginning.

13. The sibling who loves and cares for all of the animals.

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