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14 Reasons "The Beguiled" Proves That You Don't F*ck With Women

Ovaries over bro-varies, y'all.

1. A word of advice: Don't mess with ladies.

2. You never know what badass-ery is lurking behind the sweet facade.

3. Sure, they seem all friendly and mild-mannered...

4. ...but don't be deceived by their little lady dimples.

5. Women aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

6. They can cut you down with one look.

7. You never really know what they're thinking.

8. And if you try to mess with them, they will track you down...

9. ...and f*ck you up.

10. They'll get very creative with their punishment.

11. (Maybe a little too creative...)

12. And they'll use every resource at their disposal.

13. So watch yo' back, because these badass ladies are on the prowl.

14. And they're out for revenge.

All images courtesy of Focus Features.

Sofia Coppola's new thriller is deliciously disturbing. Catch The Beguiled in select theaters June 23 and nationwide June 30.

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