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Definitive Proof Juan Pablo Should Never Wear A Shirt

The new season of The Bachelor is really heating up. Make sure you catch the premiere on Sunday, Juan-uary 5th at 8|7c on ABC.

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For the best experience, press play.

Juan Pablo. TAKE. IT. OFF.

The Bachelor / ABC

Those abs. That chest. Those arms.

Why on EARTH would a shirt keep these beautiful gifts from God away from our eyes?

The Bachelor / ABC

Juan Pablo, are your shoulders tense? Or is that just us?

Laundry would be so much more fun on those washboard abs.

ABC / The Bachelor

That lower ab V thing should never, EVER be covered with fabric.

That perfectly toned back on an adorable dad? Excuse us, we need a cold shower.

Oh no. He's already in the shower with those perfect arms. Oh. My. God.

Juan, your chiseled chest gets our final rose.

The Bachelor / ABC

Tune in to see these abs and more on the two-night premiere on Sunday, Juan-uary 5th at 8|7c on ABC.

The Bachelor / ABC