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The ULTIMATE Modern Baby Shower Game List

Throw that diaper game in the genie, these games are best when you want to kick it new school.

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Baby showers don't have to be as miserable as Pheobe Buffay's! Even though they can be stuffy and boring, there are loads of fun, and fresh ways to celebrate the arrival of your new little babe. Here is the ULTIMATE list of awesome baby shower games and activities for your new arrival!

The Baby ABC Book

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Have your guests each create a letter of the alphabet, complete with their own drawing to create baby's first alphabet book. You don't even have to be crafty to get in on this action. Get the template here.

Baby's First Portrait

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Give all party guests an index card and a washable marker and have them put a card on their forehead. Set a timer for 60 seconds and get them to draw what they think your baby will look like. The mom-to-be selects the one pic she likes the best.

My Water Broke!

Every Pot and Pan / Via

This is an hilarious no-brainer. Make a few trays of ice cubes with tiny plastic babies frozen inside. The first person to notice their ice has melted, revealing the tiny baby, and who yells, "MY WATER BROKE!" is the winner...just make sure the mom to be isn't playing.

Name that Baby Tune

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Have your guests write down as many songs as they can think of with "baby" in the title. For a fun twist, you could have the songs playing as the party soundtrack prior to playing the game without telling your guests and see if they notice.

Decorate a Onsie

Instagram: @kitten_arms

There's nothing sadder than a naked newborn, right? So get all your art supplies at the ready, and gather up a huge stack of onsies (all sizes, too!). Get your friends and family each to make one (or several) and have a built-in onsie wardrobe.

Have a party without games!

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If you really can't get behind a game, don't worry! You don't HAVE to have one. The best part of becoming a parent is that you are the captain now.

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