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How To Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy

Gone are the days of ill fitting clothes. With a little bit of planning, you can look as stylish as ever while growing your babe.

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When my eldest was growing in my belly, the choices for a fashionable pregnancy were a little limited. I ended up buying the majority of stuff from American Apparel (RIP), and just living that stretchy pant life. Between that first pregnancy and now, so much has changed, and there are loads of gorgeous clothing items you can get online.

Head Online

The world of online shopping is your friend. Although you might be afraid of trying things on, most companies have excellent return policies. My current obsessions for shopping are ASOS from the UK and Gap Maternity. Buying basics is the way to go, especially because you'll be wearing this stuff for months on end!

Go Local

Looking for that personal feel? Most major cities have amazing local shops offering products that are hard to find, even online. Take full advantage of that expertise on things like outerwear, underwear and nursing gear, since those are the pricier things you'll be wearing for years to come.

Go second hand

Do you have friends who've already had their babies? Do you love their style? Maternity clothing swaps are a fun way to get a bunch of gently used stuff for little to no cost.

Not into a swap? Join your local Facebook buy-and-sell and peruse the clothes of your neighbours, who are always happy to sell their stuff once they're done.

Regardless of where you get your fashion fix while pregnant, remember that it's a fleeting time in life, so don't feel too much pressure to shop until you drop.

Where did you do your maternity shopping?

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