16 Finals Week Tips To Stay Feeling Stress-Free

    Times are tough, virtual learning is tougher, and finals are the cherry on top we never really wanted.

    Finals week may be coming up or may be what feels like eons away, but are 16 tips to help you prepare for finals throughout your semester so you get the best of what college has to offer.

    1. Create a schedule to effectively divide up study time for each class

    2. Keep track of chapters you don't fully understand throughout the semester

    3. Make a study group for each class

    4. Limit distractions and procrastination

    5. Reconsider multitasking with the Pomodoro Technique

    a list of the pomodoro technique steps

    6. Don't be afraid of office hours

    7. Change the way you take notes! (The Outlining Method)

    the outline method steps

    8. The Cornell Method (More Note-Taking)

    cornell method

    9. The Charting Method (Even More Note-Taking)

    Layout of the Charting Note-Taking Method

    10. Prioritize your exams and studying

    11. Good time management during the exam

    12. Reach out to your support network

    13. Take time for yourself

    woman with cucumbers on eyes getting head massage

    14. Take advantage of school-sponsored resources

    15. Do some mindful exercises to calm yourself

    16. And get a good night's rest