15 Reasons Why Seth Meyers Is Our Hero

We love you Seth, oh yes, we do! And we’ll remain true to you for so many top-notch reasons. And starting August 1st, you can enjoy The Awesomes – another piece of this smart and seriously funny man’s work – streaming only on Hulu.

1. He gives the absolute BEST disapproving side-eye.

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If you say or do something stupid and your headline becomes a Weekend Update punchline, you’re gonna get a healthy dose of “Side-Meye.”

2. He has a brother of equally funny and dreamy proportions.

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Seth’s brother Josh had a similar path into comedy, starting at iO Chicago, dabbling in Amsterdam, and hitting TV screens as a cast member on MadTV. He also notably played multiple characters in the Broadway production of The Pee Wee Herman Show including the iconic characters of Conky and Clocky.

3. He'll never stop honoring his New England roots.

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Born and raised in New Hampshire (in the same town as Adam Sandler and Sarah Silverman!), Meyers is New England proud; from his undying love of the Red Sox and Celtics, to his one remaining character that appears on SNL: Boston Powers, one of the Kings of Catchphrase Comedy.

4. He's all about collaboration – even with guest hosts.

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He’s stated multiple times that his favorite SNL colleague is Amy Poehler. And he loves working with a revolving door of talent to create the best moments possible, like co-writing a hilariously dark sketch called “Pranksters” with Christopher Walken when he hosted the show.

5. He's got a real appreciation for loyalty and legacy.

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His entire immediate family graduated from Northwestern, he’ll be kicking off his 13th season at Saturday Night Live, and he’s about to move into the legacy of late night TV at the very same network.

6. Lorne Michaels loves and trusts him so much that he's had the honor of letting a few cast members know they've made it into the SNL family.

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As told to Jerry Seinfeld on his “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” outing. 1-2-3: d’awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

7. He has total confidence standing up to the big guys.

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He’ll call you out for your mistakes – REALLY. Especially if you’re Donald Trump. “My greatest moment as a New Yorker is being on that guy’s sh*t list.”

8. Even in the actual presence of the President!

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He absolutely killed it at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner.

9. He might be overly committed to the upkeep of his glorious smile, but no one said that's a bad thing.

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“I’m a big flosser. My brother says I floss too much in front of people and it’s not right… the only thing I love more than flossing is q-tipping.”

10. He makes giving back a huge priority.

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In the past few years, he’s participated in or hosted benefits for organizations including New York Collaborates for Autism, charity:water, the Robin Hood Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy, Stand Up for Scleroderma, the National Resource Defense Council, and many more.

11. He doesn't allow time to constrain his creativity.

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Meyers has claimed some of his best ideas strike in the middle of the night, whether in or out of the writers’ room; most notably, the “Jon Hamm’s John Ham” sketch from 2009, which Meyers claims couldn’t have come about at any other time aside from 2 A.M.

12. He still gets nervous going on air, even after more than a decade.

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“Just because it’s hard to forget that six million people are watching you.”

13. He's really consistent.

NBC / SNL / Broadway Video via Hulu


NBC / SNL / Broadway Video via Hulu



NBC / SNL / Broadway Video via Hulu


NBC / SNL / Broadway Video via Hulu



Have you happened to notice he’s been wearing the same suit behind the Update desk all these years?

14. He has a solid taste in music, and a host of friends to share it with.

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“I’m a huge Wilco fan… Arcade Fire as well.”

15. He's patient when it comes to his passion projects.

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The Awesomes may be new to audiences, but it’s been in development with veteran SNL producer Mike Shoemaker also waiting on the sidelines since all the way back in 2006!

And now, the wait is finally over! The Awesomes is available for streaming, and your delight, starting August 1st on Hulu.

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