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12 Underappreciated Everyday Heroes

There's such a host of people whose praises go regularly unsung for their understated powers. Here's a chance to recognize our everyday heroes for their valiant but subtle contributions to our lives. Inspired by Seth Meyers' new original animated series The Awesomes, only on Hulu.

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5. The technician that processes movies into 3D.

This person just took your viewing experience, literally, to the next dimension – and doesn't even ask for a cut when a bajillion more dollars roll in as a result of their efforts. How humble!

7. Yoga instructors.

lululemonathletica / Via Flickr: lululemonathletica

Solely for making it acceptable to wear the next best thing to pajama pants in public, while simultaneously making dudes weak in the knees upon sight. Praise you for your efforts and their subsequent impact.

8. Subway conductors.

cookieparadise / Via

Giving our lives to these fine people while traveling at unreasonable speeds with no ability to communicate with the outside world. Thank you for your protection at such vulnerable times!

How about a new pack of heroes to appreciate? Check out The Awesomes on Hulu starting August 1st.

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