12 Modern-Day Superpowers We Wish Existed

Even the amazing advancements of technology only get you so far in today’s day and age. Somehow, there’s still a host of things where a touch of the supernatural would make life so much sweeter. Until someone is worthy to don a cape and take flight, meet The Awesomes – a new crew with their own host of powers and charm, from the talent of Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker – premiering August 1st on Hulu.

1. Sizing prediction for online purchases.

Twitter: @empartridge / Via empartridge

2. The ability to magically unlock someone’s privacy-protected social networking page after you’ve received mysterious pokes.

3. Automatic “accidental” face-blockage after someone tags you in a photo without your consent.

Flickr: pinksherbet / Via pinksherbert / D Sharon Pruitt

4. The ability to endlessly drink without a hangover.

5. Likewise, being able to sober up on a moment’s notice.

omg-so-skinny.tumblr.com / Via omg-so-skinny

6. Stopping traffic with your mind.

7. An eye-powered scan that tells you everything you need to know about your blind date, and whether it’s worth seeing it through.

8. Concentrating on a food until it magically appears in front of you.

butlercat.tumblr.com / Via butlercat

9. All-encompassing waterproofing shield whenever the skies may open.

justcallmeiris.tumblr.com / Via justcallmeiris

10. Summoning a working WiFi signal anywhere at any time.

yippywhippy.com / Via yippywhippy

11. Throwing those default apps we never use that came with our phones into the garbage.

12. The unending confidence to win every negotiation.

chibachelor.tumblr.com / Via chibachelor

It’s within your power to watch The Awesomes! Available for streaming on Hulu starting August 1st.

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