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10 Myths And Facts About Apple

Apple is a progressive, responsible, constantly innovating company. Right?

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1. MYTH: The iPhone Is The Smartest Smart Phone Available

FACT: The iPhone Is Not As Fast Or As Reliable As It Could Be.

Apple throttled the iPhone’s capabilities without telling its customers.

2. MYTH: Apple Is A Leader In Innovation

FACT: Apple has hampered innovation, using others’ inventions and ideas instead. Since 2011, Apple Has Only Entered One New Product Category.

Here’s why others have taken off the Apple Watch for the last time.

3. MYTH: Apple Is The Product Of The People

FACT: Apple Products Are Expensive And Increasingly Less Affordable

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8 is said to cost over $1,000, making it the most expensive iPhone the world has ever seen.

4. MYTH: Apple Fights For And Promotes Women In Technology

FACT: Female Apple Employees And Engineers Fell Victim To Harassment And A Toxic Work Environment

5. MYTH: Apple Promotes Its App Developers

FACT: Apple Takes 30 Percent Of App Revenue From Developers

6. MYTH: Apple Puts Consumers First

FACT: Apple’s Number One Priority Is Profits And Pleasing Investors

7. MYTH: Apple Fosters Good Relationships With Its Partners

FACT: Apple Relies On The Success Of Litigation To Steal Ideas From, Squeeze, And Bankrupt Its Suppliers

8. MYTH: Apple Is American

FACT: 90 Percent Of iPhone Components Are Made Overseas

9. MYTH: Apple Cares About Creating Jobs

Apple started a $1 billion fund to create manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

FACT: Apple Cares About Creating Jobs In China

Apple has created 4.8 million jobs in China, more than double the amount in the U.S. and invested over $500 million to build research and development centers in China.

10. MYTH: Apple Cares About The Environment

FACT: Until Recently, Apple Had A Terrible Environmental Record

Apple has been accused of polluting a river in China, trashing Indonesia’s tropical forests, and employing dirty cloud computing.

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