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13 Reasons "The Age Of Adaline" Is Totally Charming

Few things look this good after 107 years. See Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline, in theaters now.

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1. This is Adaline Bowman, played by Blake Lively. Everything about her is incredibly charming.

No, really. She's got it all going on.

2. Even the freak accident that happened to her in 1935 was magical.

That has to be the prettiest lightning bolt ever.

3. That accident left her forever young.

4. Now she has a face that can literally stop traffic...

5. ...and a style worth celebrating with fireworks.

Behold, the most pleasant Christmas ever.

6. Her vintage wardrobe is killer.

As the movie's costume designer explains, Adaline has a mix of contemporary and vintage clothes in her closet that can only come from living through a century of history.

7. No one supports the troops like Adaline does.

She's like a one-woman USO show.

She's like a one-woman USO show.

8. Adaline's mother-daughter bonding game is strong.

Just because she's forever young and her daughter ages normally doesn't keep Adaline from being a great mom.

9. The movie's cinematography of San Francisco is classically romantic.

It's like a West Coast Wuthering Heights up in here.

10. And Harrison Ford is classically handsome as Adaline's old flame.

Harrison, you silver fox, you.

11. And Anthony Ingruber, who plays the younger version of Harrison in the movie, is nailing it.

A dead ringer, for sure.

12. Michiel Huisman, who plays Adaline's love interest, has abs that are pretty charming. Pretty AND charming.

Really, those abs are six charming reasons rolled into one.

13. When they're together on-screen, Blake and Michiel are an intoxicating pair.

Catch Adaline and her timeless style in The Age of Adaline, in theaters now.

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