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15 Struggles Of Being An Extremely Honest Person

"Sorry for what I said when I was just...being myself?" No one knows honesty better than Thug Life Shirts.

1. Figuring out when to be honest and when to shut the heck up. (Lying is not an option.)

2. Gaining a reputation as the ~advice giver~, so everyone comes to you with their problems (which you are often happy to help with but agh).

3. Even when you decide to keep your mouth shut and honest opinions to yourself, your eyes give the game away.

4. Having a hard time getting out of events you don't want to attend because you don't want to lie.

5. People knowing too damn much about you because you willingly told them. LOL oops.

6. You botch dates because you don't know how to small-talk, or you reveal your deepest, darkest secrets from the get-go...

7., you just ~assume~ everyone is as willing to be honest as you are, which leads to accidentally telling "secrets" you didn't know were secrets.

8. When someone is obviously fishing for a compliment, you don't say anything, mostly because you're scared whatever you do say will sound dishonest, and they'll know.

9. You always tell everyone all your stories about everything, so when you try to change your mind about something (like, say, a boy who did something messed up), people get to hold you accountable for it.

10. You're a TERRIBLE liar, which means you were really bad at breaking rules when you were a kid.

11. Whoever said honesty is the best policy has obviously never dated because your honesty has been a golden ticket to trouble town.

12. You say things, and people respond with "wow, tell me what you really think," and you're like, "I just did. I always do. What is this to you, a game of lies?"

13. Everyone celebrates your "speak truth to power" reputation riiiight up until you're honest with THEM about something THEY don't want to hear. Then you're "not a team player."

14. People are constantly labeling you as an oversharer, and you're like:

15. Your sarcasm is just the truth, and it offends people because PEOPLE CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

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