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Poems From Perry Farms

For those who do not know, I returned to my old school over in Bourbonnais, Illinois. I recently went on a hike and I was inspired to write poems about anything from nature to the world around us. There are nine poems altogether. I do not mind if you quote these poems but please give credit where credit is due.

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1. Two Ducks

Trevor Hall

Two Ducks swim in the stream

without losing steam. O' to be the

two ducks who travel freely.

Unlike man who rumbles like thunder

over a bridge.

The stream produces serene and that

is what makes life beautiful.

2. Sitting on log

Trevor Hall

It is easy to sit on a log

and feel peace.

So long as you watch your feet.

But is that life's first encounter?

To wet one's feet and take risks?

However, today is not that day.

Nor tomorrow.

Nor the next day.

It's sitting quietly waiting as life's

troubles float by. Heed this advice,

time moves like a river and peace

will flood when there are showers

of serenity.

4. Photography

Trevor Hall

In photography,

perspective can tell the story it wants

from who supports who,

Triumph versus defeat...

But perspective can give the most

daring of tasks.

Once you're at the top the waterfall

isn't as scary.

But Respect where you were

as perspective can tell the difference

between wise and fools.

Stay humble my friends.

5. Sojourner's Path

Trevor Hall

When you Sojourn in a group,

it is wise to listen to the leader.

When you sojourn in a group,

it is wise to listen to the self.

When you sojourn in a group

it is important to know that many

paths can lead here.

And if it is here we hear what drum

we wish to follow.

So, sojourn and don't be afraid

of the path ahead.

8. Where were you when?

Trevor Hall

Where were you when the bombs fell?

"It didn't affect me so I didn't say anything."

Where were you when the wall was built?

"I was a citizen so I didn't say anything."

Where were you when they said no to the refugees?

"I didn't say anything because I am safe."

Where were you when those who were hurting cried out?

I'll tell you where you were; nowhere, not here, you were off justifying another crime against humanity.

9. Paradise

And just like that, you reach

the Promised Land.

You see the river flows

the sun is setting and

now it is time.

Time to return to the land

of moving pictures, moving

cars, and fast paced persons.

True it is time to go back

but at least

you remember the journey as

it is everywhere you go.

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