12 Things Guys Do When Girls Aren’t Around

What do guys do when girls aren’t around? If you think it involves protein shakes and push-ups, you’re sorely mistaken. Get an inside look at what guys do when their lady friends aren’t around in That Awkward Moment.

1. Online “research.”

2. Become master chefs.

Epic Meal Time / digg.tumblr.com

Epic Meal Time / digg.tumblr.com


3. Don’t suck in. Yes, ladies, they’re guilty of it too.

4. Help rebuild the ozone layer.

gifbay.com / Via gifbin

5. Get really stinking cute with their pets.

6. Totally keep it together when their team wins/loses.

7. Get bromantic.

MTV / Via wifflegif.com

8. Drink responsibly.

9. Let it all hang out on the couch.

10. Get way too invested in video games.


11. Stalk their girlfriend’s ex-boyfriends.

BuzzFeed / Via Twitter: @omri_rawrlan

12. And… talk about their feelings.

Whether you’re with your girl or just on a bro-date, check out That Awkward Moment in theaters now!

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