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15 Signs You're MaybeKindOfSortOf In A Relationship

That Awkward Moment we've all been in — somewhere between dating and being in a relationship that no one knows how to define. Check out Zac, Michael, and Miles straddle the relationship border in That Awkward Moment, now in theaters.

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1. You avoid introducing each other with actual titles like "boyfriend" (ew!) and "girlfriend" (ehk!).

2. Your friends in real relationships show their affection openly...

3. ...while you have other ways of showing it.

4. You wait to schedule all plans until you hear from them. But you don't let yourself wait around forever... right?

5. You still check out other girls/guys, but you feel guilty about it.

6. You tell them that you don't care if they see other people...

7. ...but as cool as you try to play it, jealousy always takes over. / Via Alienslime

8. You text in ambiguous code all day long.



9. You're afraid of gestures that seem too romantic...

10. ...especially holding hands! You can sleep together, but holding hands is TOO SERIOUS.

11. You've found every which way to get comfortable in bed... / Via imperialbedrooms

12. ...but you're still not comfortable sleeping over.

13. Privately, you allow yourself to be as affectionate as you want to be...

14. ...but in public, it's a completely different story.

15. You've both tried to approach the "are we official?" conversation, but end up just talking around the issue.

For a clearer picture of the completely unclear MaybeKindOfSortOf dating world, check out That Awkward Moment.

Now in theaters.

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