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10 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Your Bartender's Attention

It's horribly frustrating when you're at a bar and you can't get the bartender to notice you. So first thing, make sure you haven't suddenly turned invisible. If that's not the problem, then these tips can help you get your adult beverages served in a timely fashion. Or, you could just head to T.G.I. Friday's® for your cocktails.

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1. Make it clear you've got money and you want to spend it.

2. Offer to buy him a shot for his hard work.

3. If you must, show your excitement for that sweet sweet booze.

4. And certainly don't let anyone get in your way.

5. Make sure to flaunt your assets

6. If there's a long wait, stay calm.

7. Now give 'em your best smile.

8. Still no luck? Make your presence known with some sexy moves.

9. And consider giving the bartender a delicious bribe.

10. When all else fails, pull out your own drink and go to town.