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'Bossypants' By Tina Fey Review (Not A Cloudy Story)

Tina expresses her leadership by being thick-skinned and team player. Her many successes consisted of numerous failed attempts. Which made her victory much sweeter because she continues winning in the best way possible, on her terms.

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5. "Who Cares!"


She addresses how at the end of the day, who really cares? She discusses our tenancies to see ourselves in the world with such grandeur. In such contrast to actually, as if other people weren't just trying to live their life. She advises us to take a moment to consider, if it would be worth our time or energy. Reminding how one must pick and choose in order to stay focused.

4. "Take Breaks"


She mentions of her somewhat mentor Lorne Michaels and of how he used to express his leadership style by giving her the cue when she needed to sit one out. Of how needed to rest because she was looking tired. She also mention of how giving your best work is best delivered by your best face as well. If you want your response received to it's maximum capacity you have to deliver it to where it's not distracted.

3. "Lead By Example"


She was addressing parenthood and even her childhood. She saw her father do tough, honest work so she did the same. From Lorne Michaels, have a formula and stick to it, be diverse while sticking to the basics.

2. "Try Your Hardest and Let It Go!"


She was mostly addressing, regarding writing or someone's work. She reminds us that we do what we can, we give it our best, and let it go. That one also has to be open to scrutiny with the rawest judgement in order to excel. It's a learning process, keep moving, you'll get better.

1. "Everything will be ok!"


"Either way, everything will be ok". Tina tells a childhood story, where she sees an older woman ticked by the innocence of a child's tantrum regarding being picked up by his mother. She explained how it all made sense to her now, the older woman knew it all along. A little person making a fuss over a big thing that's not so big.

Experience knows better than to make a fuss over the little things as you find what is really important, later in life.

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