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The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Golfers

Golfing isn't easy, but a lot of celebrities seem to think that it is. Or, at least, because they're celebrities, they can certainly do it. What they should take away from this post, though, is that they need to take a few pointers from Hank Haney on The Haney Project, Mondays at 9PM on Golf Channel.

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10. Bill Murray

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Bill Murray's actually not that bad of a golfer--at least usually--but his behavior on the course would have you believe quite differently. Either way, he's fun to watch, so who cares.

9. Mark Wahlburg

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Marky Mark should probably just stick to acting, or invest more time in his burger joint. Because his swing isn't exactly cutting it.

8. Tyreke Evans

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Although almost endearing in ineptness, Evans, of the Sacramento Kings, should keep up his game on the court, because it doesn't look like his golf game is going anywhere fast.

7. Rush Limbaugh

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You'd hope that Rush's golf game would be better than his radio show, but you would be quickly proven wrong. Not only does Rush admit that he "never practices," but most of the time you see him on the green, he's just smoking cigars.

6. Jimmy Kimmel

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It's surprising that Jimmy Kimmel golfs at all, but less so that he's not too great at it. He even got outperformed by Justin Timberlake, on his own show.

5. Lawrence Taylor

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Lawrence Taylor, formerly of the NFL, presents a noble effort, but ultimately his swing is too unpolished to keep him on the safety of the green.

4. Ray Romano

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Ray might be a good sport about it, but that doesn't make up for how bad he is at the sport.

3. Adam Levine

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When you go into it thinking that tattoos will make your game crazy enough to work, you know there's going to be problems.

2. Donald Trump

Trump's swing, like Charles Barkley's (below, obviously), is so bad that articles have been written about it. To quote, "The swing is out of balance. Legs are wobbly, the club head is brought back too far to the inside and it returns over-the-top on the way back." Yikes. He should probably just keep trying to build "the world's best golf course," rather than play on it.

1. Charles Barkley

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Though inexplicably determined to improve himself, Barkley is notorious in the world of golf for having one of, if not THE worst, swing in the sport. Even Hank Haney struggles trying to correct it.