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The 10 Unwritten Road Commandments

Do you know the rules of the road? There’s more to it than just reading signs y'know – it takes good manners and care if we’re going to Share The Road.

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1. Thou shalt always show thanks with a nod or wave when someone stops to let you through. / Via

A good deed should always be rewarded.

2. Thou shalt not ignore a fellow road user in need. / Via

Is something up? This is your moment to be a hero, hero.

3. Thou shalt not tweet and move simultaneously. / Via

Tweeting, texting, and modifying thy playlist can wait until you get to the other side.

4. Thou shalt respect thy fellow road user's personal space. / Via

Because tailgating freaks everyone out.

5. Thou shalt phone thy pals in a bit. / Via

Because no one needs to know you're picking basil up on the way home.

6. Thou shalt not be that guy.

CBS / Via

Revving isn’t cool. Who decided revving was cool?

See also: fist shaking and excessive bell dinging.

7. Thou shalt remember that everyone is trying to get somewhere, not just thou. / Via

Take thy sweet time by leaving early enough to do so. Not only will you have time to grab a coffee when you're done, you won't have ended up somewhere weird or bumped into someone because you panicked. Everyone wins!

8. Thou shalt love thy neighbour / Via

Be nice! Hug chickens like you would like to be hugged.

9. Thou shalt indicate like indicating is thy favourite thing ever. / Via

Unexpected changes in direction are for reality TV stars in need of press. Let everyone know where you're headed.

10. Thou shalt keep thy eyes peeled. / Via

Because anything can happen. Most importantly: mind the ducklings crossing the road and tweeting at the same time. They didn't read these rules.

Everyone's happier when we #ShareTheRoad.

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