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The 10 Unwritten Road Commandments

Do you know the rules of the road? There’s more to it than just reading signs y'know – it takes good manners and care if we’re going to Share The Road.

1. Thou shalt always show thanks with a nod or wave when someone stops to let you through.

2. Thou shalt not ignore a fellow road user in need.

3. Thou shalt not tweet and move simultaneously.

4. Thou shalt respect thy fellow road user's personal space.

5. Thou shalt phone thy pals in a bit.

6. Thou shalt not be that guy.

7. Thou shalt remember that everyone is trying to get somewhere, not just thou.

8. Thou shalt love thy neighbour

9. Thou shalt indicate like indicating is thy favourite thing ever.

10. Thou shalt keep thy eyes peeled.

Everyone's happier when we #ShareTheRoad.

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