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10 Of The Hottest Horror Movie Scream Queens

Because no horror movie is complete without someone packing a pair of glass-shattering lungs. Get caught up in the spine-tingling terror of Texas Chainsaw 3D, only in theaters January 4th.

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3. Linnea Quigley


From the spine-tingling (Night of the Demons) to the downright absurd (Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama) "Queen of the B's" Quigley has done it all in her scarily storied career.

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar


Whether she's staking undead lowlifes on the small screen or swatting off pint-sized hellspawn in The Grudge, Gellar remains the archetypical badass horror babe, and someone we'd love to have on our side during the inevitable vampire apocalypse.

5. Alexandra Daddario

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Protip: if you ever plan on road-tripping to the backwater boonies of Texas, rich with chainsaw-wielding rednecks, you may want to consider snagging some traveler's insurance beforehand. You'd think that a seasoned slasher vet like scream queen Daddario, star of the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D, would have a better handle on these things.

7. Tiffany Shepis


By the time you've finished reading this sentence, Troma film favorite and badass B-movie babe Shepis will have probably made eight more low-fi slasher flicks. Seriously, her IMDB page is a freakin' tome.

8. Jennifer Love Hewitt


Two things we learned from the I Know What You Did Last Summer films: 1) vehicular manslaughter is never okay, even if it's, like, totes accidental, and 2) Jennifer Love Hewitt always makes it to the end credits. Er, almost always

9. Heather Langenkamp


We'd be remiss to skip over the dreamy damsel that lent her lungs to the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. You know, back when Freddy Krueger was just a creepy bogeyman, not a...creepy bogeyman.

10. Amber Heard


It's hard to think of an up-and-coming spooky flick vixen as prolific as Ms. Heard, who narrowly avoided mutilation in And Soon The Darkness and The Stepfather, and was even on the slashing end of a cleaver in her horror debut, All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.

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