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  1. Who do you have beef with?

    your old bff
    your english teacher
    your boo??
    i never have beef
  2. Whats ur typical friday nigh?

    meeting up with your one friend that goes to a diff school
    cyphing the 8th graders
    getting thai food
  3. What food are you most likely to get after school

    i never bring money
    i gtg to swim
  4. You pull at a party whats the first thing you do?

    awkwardly stand in the corner
    find your man
    say hi to people you know
    walk around looking for people
  5. what do you do on lives

    take ur shirt off
    have someone do your makeup
    try to have more viewers than tess
  6. Which one do you say the most

  7. what is ur finsta most like

    dancing vids
    memes that make people concerned about you
    funny little stories about ur day
  8. what time do you go to bed

  9. How emo are you on a scale from 1-10

    never felt emoness
    like a 6 i guess
    hmm sometimes im an 8 but sometimes like a 3
  10. How many languages do you speak

    just one and it makes you sad
    2 but u lied and said 3
    2 but ur convinced you can speak spanish
    one and proud
  11. Perfect boy

    tall, lanky, emo, and quirky
    ^^^^ DEADASS
  12. Whats ur signature fit

    vans and AA mom jeans
    hoops and airforce ones
    sweatsweatpants and orange sneakers
    topshop pants and a jacket from L train
  13. Biggest fear

    the ocean
    being stuck in a small space
    being kidnapped ( basic ass fear)
    im fearless
  14. How do you act around ur crush

    you stalk them on ig on the daily
    you nervously talk to them
    you just filrt like a normal person
    you attmept to kys when they come near you
  15. You vs participation

    participation queen
    you dont always know the answer but u talk during class
    what is participation? you never EVER participate
    you wing it
  16. which annoys you the most

    when people take ur phone without asking
    when ur man isnt being clear
    when people leave you on read
    when ur friends cancel plans
  17. what kind of music do u like

    you switch from really emo music to rap depending on the mood
    trap music
    billboard top 40
  18. what was stolen from you

    ur man
    ur phone and the word BRUH
    tess steals my hw sometimes


You got: You got TESS!

you are an emo lord and love dank memes!! you says kms 1837373 times a day and are socially awkward xD you are br[OK]en!! you wear the same thing everyday but you have the most swagg

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You got: You got JALEN

you are as quirky as they come ;)) normal people scare you ! You obsess over multiple guys and will violate anyone that comes your way

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You got: You got ETTA

your super sweet and never have beef with anyone! you make successful lives and no one plays MFK better than you ;) You never wear shirts and ur home always has alcohol

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You got: You got ZUZIA

SWIM SWIM SWIM swim is life. Wyd? prob swimming. You get dick on the daily and still hit up people from middle school. You have an obsession with max moss and know one knows why.

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