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10 Gifts To Buy For The Runner In Your Life

Runners are a special breed- they communicate exclusively in mile splits and race PR's, hoard running shoes and electrolyte gels like nobody's business, and run countless miles to the point of exhaustion simply because they find it fun. While buying gifts for runners can be a daunting task (because how does one get inside the mind of a person who willingly wakes up at 5 AM to run in the freezing cold?!) we decided to make this holiday season a little easier for you by compiling a list of the top ten products that every runner NEEDS in their life. From fun running socks and shirts to impressive medal displays and recovery footwear, you seriously can't go wrong with any item from this list. Happy running, and happy shopping!

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1. Inspirational Running Socks


Whether they're a seasoned marathon runner or just started training for their first 5K, every runner could use a little extra running motivation from time to time. These awesome inspirational socks feature inspiring and uplifting phrases to help during a tough run or grueling workout, and they come in over 30 fun colors and designs! Click here to shop these super cute socks.

2. Running Hat and Mittens


By this time of the year we've all seen a million different pom pom hats, but a RUNNING pom pom hat?! Now that's something every runner truly needs in their life. The only thing cuter than this Christmas sweater running pattern and super soft fabric is that there's a matching pair of mittens! I mean seriously, it doesn't get any better than that. Click here for this awesome pom pom hat, and here for the adorable matching mittens!

3. Recovery Sandals


Having the right footwear is very important to runners, so give them the gift they'll want to wear every single day with these crazy comfortable PR Sole Sandals! Built with lightweight ACUPOINT foam and all sorts of other running healing magic, these recovery sandals are going to be their new best friend within a minute of wearing them. Click here to shop the black and green pair, and click here to buy yourself a pair while you're at it!

4. Wine Glass


A gift that involves running AND wine?! You can't beat that! These fun wine glasses make the perfect gift for a fellow running buddy who loves finishing a race almost as much as finishing a glass of their favorite red wine. Click here to shop this wine glass, and here to check out the rest of the running wine glasses.

5. Knee High Socks


We've already covered the friend who likes running and wine, but what about all of the beer lovers out there?? For the running partner that knows as much about hops and barley as they do about interval training and fartleks, grab them a pair of these hilarious "Run For Beer" socks that they will love running in (especially when the run ends at the brewery!) Click here for these awesome socks, and here to check out some other great styles too.

6. Medal Hanger Lamp


A medal hanger that doubles as a lamp?? We'll take ten of those. Whether the runner in your life prefers the fast and furious 5K or the long and painful ultra, there is one thing that runners of every distance have in common...LOTS OF MEDALS! This impressive lamp holds over 60 medals which is pleeeenty of room for all of their hard-earned race bling. Click here to shop this awesome lamp!

7. Fun running shirts


Coffee lovers unite! While some runners can jump right out of bed in the morning with unlimited energy, this shirts is perfect for every runner that needs a liiiiittle extra help getting started. This sassy shirt would make the ultimate gift for the member of your running club that always seems a tad sleepy during those early AM runs. Click here to shop this cute tee, and here for the adorable taco one!

8. Running Calendar


No matter how dedicated or experienced of a runner they may be, every runner has mornings where they'd rather stay snuggled up under the covers than lace up their shoes and venture out into the cold. This 2018 calendar is filled with motivational quotes and images that will inspire any runner to get up and go run, and it even includes a training tracker for them to record details about their latest workout. Click here to purchase one for a friend, and one for yourself too!

9. Compression Socks


Compression socks are a necessity for a lot of runners, but why settle for a plain old pair when you can run in these awesome colorful ones?! There are 9 different designs available, which means each member of you running group can rock a different style! Click here to check out all of the crazy and colorful patterns.

10. Race Bib and Medal Hanger


If you know someone with drawers stuffed full of running medals and race bibs, you already know that they seriously need this gift in their life. This awesome medal hanger displays both medals AND race bibs all at once, with clear vinyl bib protector sheets to preserve the condition of the bibs too. Click here to buy this popular medal hanger, and click here to check out all of the other gorgeous styles available.

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