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We Asked British People What Makes Christmas “Christmas”

However you do Christmas, Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco. #EveryonesWelcome

We asked 10 Brits to tell us the one item, food, decoration, or tradition that makes their Christmas truly unique. Whether that’s starting off the morning with a lethally strong glass of mulled wine or a particularly crude decoration that you can’t help but love, everyone has something that just makes Christmas “Christmas”. Here’s what they said.

Sandwiching Christmas Dinner With an Entire Italian Meal

Eating the Best of Both Worlds

Being Determined to Out-Stuff the Turkey

Making the Most of It Actually Being Acceptable to Drink in the Morning

Attaching Sentimental Value to a Decoration That Should Probably Call It Quits

Eating a Deliciously Spicy Stew for Brekkie

Shamelessly Embracing a Culture That Isn’t Even Yours

Getting Outshined by Your Own Flesh and Blood

Enjoying Chocolate No Matter How "Grown-Up" You Get

Using It as an Excuse to Sit in Front of the TV All Day

What makes your Christmas unique? Share your story in the comments! However you do Christmas, Everyone's Welcome at Tesco. #EveryonesWelcome

Photos © Emilia Buggins & Antonia Bonello / BuzzFeed