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15 Worst Things That Can Happen To Brits On Holiday

When you miss Britain's summer heatwave to travel somewhere far away – and unusually rainy.

1. Getting absolutely no sun for all of the trip.

2. Alternatively, getting a bit too much of it.

3. Realising you don't know the local language, not even a little bit.

4. Travelling all the way to a restaurant, only to find out it closed down a few years ago.

5. Getting ill at any point during the holiday.

6. Alternatively, getting injured.

7. Being stuck next to a crying baby, anywhere.

8. Not adjusting well to the nature.

It's only the second day and I already stepped on a cactus #ouch #azprobs #vacationfail

Tip: Stay away from the prickly stuff.

9. Nor the wildlife.

#holidayfail i went to stroke a stray cat but it bit me and i had to go to hospital

Tip: Cats are mean, wherever you go.

10. Not being prepared for the local weather.

11. Assuming you have more athletic prowess than you actually do – in public.

12. Remembering how embarrassing your family members are.

TFW your dad starts wearing his sunglasses behind his head.

13. Repeatedly failing to nail the killer holiday photos.

It's okay, though, because the only person who'll look at the photos when you're back is your mum.

14. Screwing up, so you can't even go on holiday in the first place.

Word to the wise: make sure you book your ferry in the correct direction. #VacationFail #IWishIWasJoking ⛴

Ah, well. Staying at home is underrated.

15. Coming home to a load of roaming charges.

There are lots of unfortunate things that can happen on holiday. Luckily, Tesco Mobile can help you battle one holiday fail – costly roaming charges – thanks to Home From Home.

Home From Home allows you to use your phone in 31 European countries this summer, just like you do at home. Lifesaver.