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14 People Who Went The Extra Mile

​Warm fuzzy feelings abound. ​Let's hear it for the everyday heroes with Tesco Mobile and its award-winning customer service.

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1. This biker, who went out of his way to help someone in need:

2. This referee willing to bend the rules:

3. This mum with a makeshift solution:

4. This policeman stopping traffic to help a family of ducks cross:

Robert Whitney (CC by http://3.0) / Via

5. This good samaritan braving the elements:

6. This father, who built this incredible backyard roller coaster:

7. The parent, who went all out making their kid's fancy dress costume:

8. This truck driver, who rescued a scared kitten:

9. This dad breaking the sound barrier to catch a runaway buggy:

American Broadcasting Company - America's Funniest Home Videos / Via

10. This farmer, who put his tools to good use:

11. The dad, who built his baby a power loader:

12. This incredibly brave citizen:

13. This family going above and beyond to free some trapped bear cubs:

14. This brother looking out for his little sister:

We go that little bit further too. Find out why Tesco Mobile was awarded the UK’s best customer service, and wake up to better today!