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10 Things you probably do if you use Tinder.

If you're swiping for a hook up or the real deal...You'll probably relate to something in this list.

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1. When you swipe right on a hottie, you linger for a little longer in the hope of seeing the 'It's a Match!' screen.

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And are momentarily dissapointed if you don't, before continuing to swipe...

6. Swiped in a public place like on the bus or station, and not given a rats ass who can see.

Yes I am perving on Tinder profiles Dorris. I'll let you decide if I'm horny or lonely.

Both. I'm both, Dorris.

7. Got angry at Tinders shitty GPS for showing you anyone VISITING your chosen radius, rather than people who actually fucking live in it.

10. Let Tinder make you feel even more lonely than you were before swiping.

Excuse me while I go and cry into a tub of ice cream while deciding what kind of cat I should buy.

Thanks Tinder. Thanks.

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