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This House Hasn't Changed At All Since The ’60s, And It's Pretty Incredible

It's an original Frank Lloyd Wright, and it's up for sale.

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The abode is in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and it was built in 1960. In the 57 years since then, the inside and outside basically haven't changed at all.

Landmark Photography / Via

Paul and Helen Olfelt commissioned Wright to design their home in 1958, and he worked on it until his death in 1959. The couple, now in their nineties, are finally unloading the property, which means this is the first time it's up for sale.


...and original Wright chairs.

Landmark Photography / Via

Wright was big on designing all elements of a house, from the roof to the furniture, to make it all feel cohesive. That means every part of the house is pure Wright.