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Yes, You Can Get Married In Whole Foods, And This Couple Totally Did

"It was a serious wedding that happened to be in a fun place.”

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And once the ceremony was over, they had fun taking photos all around the store.

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The reception was held at their home, and guests ate food that Aronson had prepared himself from ingredients purchased at — where else? — Whole Foods.

The couple first met in New York, and Whole Foods played an important part in their early relationship, when they'd get to know each other by strolling through the aisles.

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“It was really special to me — it was our place, our tradition. It was really nice to relive it every time we went,” Troutman told The News & Observer. “We thought, How do we top that? It was perfect. Maybe we can match it.”

Thankfully, the Whole Foods in their new home of Chapel Hill was willing to accommodate their dream wedding.

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Krista Deitsch and Whitney Harlos of Whole Foods helped them plan their special day, which, yes, happened during operational store hours.

And while the pictures seem goofy, they symbolize the couple's deep appreciation for the store and each other. “It was a fun, wild, unexpected experience, but we shared it with people who could really appreciate we got married and said really important things to each other," Aronson said.