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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    Here's Why Those Jumping Wedding Photos Are A Terrible Idea

    When they say jump, you should ask how not to split your pants open.

    You know those super popular jumping photos people take at weddings?

    Like the ones where bridesmaids and groomsmen look all fun and carefree even though the moment has to be very carefully staged?

    Rachel Wilder CC BY / Via Flickr: rachel_wildphotography

    Turns out, they're not for the faint of heart — or tight of pantsed.

    Yesterday, redditor buttscratcha, aka Lee Mora, posted an image that perfectly illustrates the perils of being too flexible during such a picture.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    Missed it? Here's a closer look.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    Thankfully, he wasn't going commando, and even more thankfully, his wife Alex was ready to handle it.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    Alex, a bridesmaid, didn't witness the rip. She was getting ready in the bridal suite, and when she heard the photographer outside the door saying, "Don't tell the bride, don't tell the bride," she instinctively knew it had something to do with Lee.

    "The photographer came in with him and was like, 'Whose is this?'" Alex told BuzzFeed Life. "I said, 'That’s mine!'"

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    "It sounds rotten, but my first thought when I saw what he did was, 'Of course,'" Alex said. "I laughed a lot. For our own wedding, he forgot his wedding ring. He does comical kind of stuff all the time."

    The rip happened so soon before the ceremony that Lee was supposed to be lined up and ready to walk down the aisle, but Alex leapt to action with some duct tape and a sewing kit.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    Alexa Bedwell, the photographer, had the sewing kit. Alex attempted to sew the pants, which had ripped from the fly all the way to the belt loop, but she realized three stitches in that the duct tape would be much more useful.

    In all, it took Alex less than 10 minutes to fix up the pants.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    "I don't sit down and sew on the daily, but I can MacGyver some stuff if I need to," Alex said of her sewing skills. Lee had only bought the pants the day before, and Alex guessed that he had too much stuff in his pockets when he attempted the jump.

    Amazingly, the mended pants held up for all of the bridal portraits, the ceremony, and the reception — about five hours in total.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    Lee's not that into dancing, Alex told BuzzFeed Life, but she did have to tell him to stop doing deep squats during the posed pictures.

    As for the bride and groom? They weren't peeved in the slightest.

    Alexa Bedwell / Via

    "The bride was super laid-back about it, and the groom was cracking up when he saw it happen," Alex said. She added that the newlyweds were a bridesmaid and a groomsman in her wedding to Lee two years ago. "We are all just kind of like, 'Darn it, Lee!'"

    "We were like a tornado going through there, the two of us."