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These Drawings Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship With Your Partner

Philippa Rice's Soppy illustrations capture the beauty of being in love.

British artist Philippa Rice knows that a relationship's tiny, private moments are usually the most special ones.

Rice started illustrating her favorite of these extraordinarily normal occurrences for her boyfriend, Luke Pearson, in 2011.

She posted the drawings on Tumblr and turned some into comics, calling them "Soppy," a word she says is "somewhere between schmaltzy, sentimental, sappy, and silly."

Her illustrations capture the most relatable interactions — like choosing what to eat for dinner.

Or sympathizing when your significant other waits too long to drink a hot cup of tea.

To Rice, love is about wanting to be around each other, even if you're doing absolutely nothing.

It's sitting with your partner when they play video games because they might be a little bit scared.

Most important, it's straight-up cuddling, no matter the circumstances.


You can buy Soppy here and follow Philippa on Tumblr.