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These Drawings Perfectly Sum Up Your Relationship With Your Partner

Philippa Rice's Soppy illustrations capture the beauty of being in love.

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British artist Philippa Rice knows that a relationship's tiny, private moments are usually the most special ones.

Philippa Rice

Is there anything more companionable than brushing your teeth together in contented silence?

Rice started illustrating her favorite of these extraordinarily normal occurrences for her boyfriend, Luke Pearson, in 2011.

Philippa Rice

"They're all from our life together," Pearson told BuzzFeed Life. "We're both illustrators/cartoonists and work from home. I like to keep diaries of drawings to remember what I've done each day and what I'd do is choose the best bits and illustrate them with the red and black inks."


She posted the drawings on Tumblr and turned some into comics, calling them "Soppy," a word she says is "somewhere between schmaltzy, sentimental, sappy, and silly."

Philippa Rice

"I was told that it's not a word people use in the U.S. and that surprised me!" she told the Huffington Post.

The comics were such a hit that she turned them into a Soppy book, which came out last year.

It's sitting with your partner when they play video games because they might be a little bit scared.

Philippa Rice

"He still says he wasn't really scared, but I know that he was," Rice said of this moment, her favorite from the series.

You can buy Soppy here and follow Philippa on Tumblr.


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