This Photographer’s Trick For Creating Magical Photos Is Actually So Easy

    There's some real magic going on right here.

    I know what you're thinking when you look at this awesome wedding photo. It's probably something along the lines of, "How'd they do that?!"

    I mean, look how cool!!

    Turns out, you don't need fancy equipment or software to get the disappearing edge effect. As photographer Mathias Fast recently learned, all you need is a camera and an iPhone.

    Although Fast uses a professional camera to achieve the effect, he said you can use any phone or entry-level camera in a pinch.

    Sometimes, the effect is dramatic and ethereal.

    But other times, it's much more subtle, but equally lovely.

    Either way, it's pretty incredible, and Fast said his clients are always thrilled with the results.

    I mean, wouldn't you be?