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    This Bride Wore The Same Dress As Her Mom And Grandma On Her Wedding Day

    Everything old is new again.

    Newlywed Julia Cain glowed on her wedding day — partially thanks to her dress, which both her mother and grandmother wore when they got married.

    Cain's grandmother Phyllis Traver wore the dress for her wedding in 1953. Thirty years later, Cain's mother Susan chose the same gown for her own wedding to Cain's father.

    Cain decided to wear the heirloom dress years before she got engaged to her now-husband Lance. After Lance proposed in Jan. 2015, Cain had eight months of alterations ahead of her.

    Cain had a satin waistband and crinoline underskirt added to the tulle and lace gown, but the changes, which cost $800, didn't stop there.

    The result? A thoroughly beautiful, modern wedding dress that retains some of the classic charm of the original design.

    Perhaps most meaningfully, Cain's grandfather Harold Traver walked her down the aisle at her Mar. 12 wedding, making her the third woman he'd seen wear the dress.

    Here are her grandparents (center) on their wedding day 63 years ago.

    And here is Travers escorting his daughter and granddaughter down the aisle at their weddings, 32 years apart.

    Julia Cain

    Feels. Feels everywhere.

    Julia Cain

    Feels. Feels everywhere.

    Julia Cain

    Feels. Feels everywhere.

    Though her father and grandmother passed away before her wedding, Cain said her mother and grandfather were touched to see history repeat itself before their eyes.

    "[They] were over the moon seeing me in the dress. I think it was pretty surreal for everyone."

    With her wedding in the books, Cain is planning for her wedding dress' future.