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    This Woman's Upcycled Wardrobe Is So Dang Inspiring

    She’s saving money and the planet and also looks AMAZING while doing it.

    This is Sarah Tyau, and her outfit — and pretty much every one she wears — is upcycled. That means she bought a used or deeply discounted garment and refashioned it into a custom, original design.

    Tyau combs through thrift stores, clearances, yard sales, and her own closet to find clothing items she can reimagine into unique items for herself and her family.

    And yeah, she's pretty good at it.

    Her knack for reimagining clothes into new, original ones is so impressive that she's turned it into a popular blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook page.

    Tyau started refashioning using her old clothes from her closet 10 years ago to save money and not have the clothes go to a landfill.

    But Tyau's design passion extends beyond sustainability. It's just one part of her philosophy of “look good, feel good, do good."

    "And once you are wearing clothes that you love and you know makes you look good, you're able to stop worrying about what you look like, forget about yourself, and start focusing on helping others."

    Tyau is proof that you don't have to be an expert seamstress to be able to refashion — her design background is actually limited to one home ec class in junior high and high school.

    And if refashioning isn't your cup of tea, Tyau suggests buying more timeless, classic, high-quality pieces and mixing them with a few trendy pieces here and there, and not the other way around.

    And when being sustainable looks this cute, how can you resist?

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