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This Woman Made A Surprisingly Adorable Dress Out Of 10,000 Starburst Wrappers

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

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This is Emily Seilhamer, a Pennsylvania-based artist and upcycling enthusiast. And that freakin' adorable dress she's wearing is made out of freakin' Starburst wrappers.

Yes, that's right!!!! Seilhamer used more than 10,000 candy wrappers that she'd saved up for four years — and almost no other materials — to make her outfit.

Emily Seilhamer / Via Facebook: EmilySeilhamerArt

"The only other non-Starburst materials in the dress are elastic thread that I used to sew it together, underwear elastic I painted to match the wrappers and seal the edges with, and a zipper to help get in and out easily," she told BuzzFeed.

Ok, you're probably thinking, "Y tho?" The answer is maybe even more amazing than the dress: She met her now-husband when he offered her a pack of Starbursts as an ice breaker.

Emily Seilhamer / Via Facebook: EmilySeilhamerArt

"As we got to know each other, I learned his favorite candy was Starbursts, and I asked him to save the wrappers for me," Seilhamer said. "He began to give me grocery bags full of them! The dress had a nice spot next to our gift table at our wedding nearly two years ago."

Seilhamer recently shared photos to her Facebook page documenting how she made her masterpiece over the course of a year.

Emily Seilhamer / Via Facebook: EmilySeilhamerArt

First, she organized the wrappers by color, which ended up in a display that looked not unlike lunch meat. "The Starburst company discontinued a few of the colors I was using in my design over the years," Seilhamer said. "I had to re-design the dress a few times to accommodate the changes, but I like the design I ended up with."


And then she had to form the outfit to a mannequin and sew it all together, just like in a Project Runway challenge.

Emily Seilhamer / Via Facebook: EmilySeilhamerArt

The finished product, Seilhamer said, was "smooth like snake skin, but very heavy!"

Oh, and to top it off, Seilhamer also wore a pair of Starburst wrapper shoes.

Emily Seilhamer / Via Facebook: EmilySeilhamerArt

Seilhamer said her husband loved the finished product, but admitted that she doesn't like the candies nearly as much as her husband does.