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This Photographer’s Incredibly Unique Wedding Photos Will Blow Your Mind

Peter Adams-Shawn captures wedding moments through guests' eyes.

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Australian photographer Peter Adams-Shawn of Memories of Tomorrow is getting attention for his unconventional "eyescape" wedding pictures.

Peter Adams-Shawn / Via

"Eyescapes" is what he calls his photos of the reflections of wedding-day activities on guests' eyeballs.

Adams-Shawn gets up close and personal with couples and their families — about a foot away, to be exact — and snaps photos of the ceremony, the bride getting ready, and other activity.

Peter Adams-Shawn / Via

The result is a totally unique and often mesmerizing look at everyday wedding scenes.

"I've always had a thing for reflections," Adams-Shawn told BuzzFeed Life.

Peter Adams-Shawn / Via

He took his first eyescape in Oct. 2011 after toying around with a reflection he saw in a client's eye. He was pleased with the effect, but didn't start taking them regularly until Nov. 2014.

He entered his second eyescape, seen here, into the International Loupe Awards last year, which brought more attention to his unusual technique.

Peter Adams-Shawn / Via

Adams-Shawn told BuzzFeed Life that he knows of only a few other photographers who take similar pictures, but none that take them consistently or during ceremonies, like he does.

Loupe judges labeled his snapshots unrealistic, assuming they'd been made from composites.

The head judge later issued an apology, noting that Adams-Shawn's eyescapes are all single shots.


Now, Adams-Shawn captures eyescapes at every wedding where the lighting makes it possible.

Peter Adams-Shawn / Via

Most clients request them, he said, but they don't always result in something meaningful. “I use a Canon 5D Mk III which offers the ability to focus," he told Techly. "If you or the subject move a fraction of a millimeter, the focus is lost."

“The other challenge is making sure you’re not in the shot — I find about half the time a portion of my right elbow can slip into the shot," he added.

This photo above, of a bride and groom's two-year-old daughter looking at them at their wedding, was one of his most challenging tasks.