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    This Photographer’s Incredibly Unique Wedding Photos Will Blow Your Mind

    Peter Adams-Shawn captures wedding moments through guests' eyes.

    Australian photographer Peter Adams-Shawn of Memories of Tomorrow is getting attention for his unconventional "eyescape" wedding pictures.

    Adams-Shawn gets up close and personal with couples and their families — about a foot away, to be exact — and snaps photos of the ceremony, the bride getting ready, and other activity.

    "I've always had a thing for reflections," Adams-Shawn told BuzzFeed Life.

    He entered his second eyescape, seen here, into the International Loupe Awards last year, which brought more attention to his unusual technique.

    Now, Adams-Shawn captures eyescapes at every wedding where the lighting makes it possible.

    His favorite examples are ones with emotional connections, like this one of a two-year-old boy watching his parents get married.

    Others, like this one, feel deeply personal.

    Adams-Shawn also takes reflection photos on wedding rings, but he said his next big project is bubbles.

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