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    This Hero Bride Responded To A Car Crash In Her Wedding Dress

    Proof that every day is an on-call day for first responders.

    Newlyweds Sarah and Paul Ray are both paramedics, but they never expected they'd be on the job on Oct. 3, their wedding day.

    Marcy Martin

    An hour after their ceremony at the Clarksville Grace Church of the Nazarene in Clarksville, Tennessee, Sarah got a call from her father saying he'd been in a car accident.

    Marcy Martin

    A driver ran a red light and slammed into the car carrying him and Sarah's grandmother and grandfather as they drove to the reception.

    Sarah and Paul rushed to the scene, not just because they're paramedics, but because family was involved.

    Marcy Martin

    Many of their co-workers in the Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services unit were on the scene, so the couple didn't need to provide any medical assistance. Still, Sarah was prepared to help if they needed her to.

    "I would never just drive right past an accident," she told BuzzFeed Life. "We would have stopped and tried to help, whether or not we were in wedding attire."

    Her father and grandfather were able to to walk right away, but her grandmother (pictured here) was in an ambulance getting medical attention.

    Marcy Martin

    Sarah got into the ambulance to check on her, but her grandmother had other things on her mind. "The first thing my she said was that she was sorry for ruining my day," Sarah said. "I was just glad that she was OK." Her grandmother suffered bumps and bruises, but is now home.

    Sarah's mother, Marcy Martin, managed to snap a photo of Sarah walking back to her car, which has gotten more than 5,000 shares on Facebook.

    Marcy Martin

    Martin, a photographer, was driving behind Sarah and Paul to the accident scene, but she didn't expect them to jump out of the car. "It was a surprise to see them pull over, because it was raining and they were in wedding clothes," Martin told BuzzFeed Life. "I thought, surely, they're not going to get out, but they did."

    One of Martin's sons-in-law convinced her to snap the photo. He said, "You're missing a great photo opportunity!" which kicked Martin's photographer instincts into overdrive.

    Sarah described the expression on her face as, "Really mom, you’re taking a picture right now?”

    Still, Sarah shuns the "hero" label that's been bandied about since her mother shared the photo on Facebook.

    Marcy Martin

    "I don't think anything I do is heroic," she said, noting she's come to the rescue for family members in the past. "First responders all over the world stop on a daily basis to do this kind of thing, whether or not it's family. It just so happens that this was my wedding day and there was a photo of it."

    Another #win for first responders everywhere.

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